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Oh, there’s so much more that could be said here.  Stress is not only the leading cause of sickness and pain in our world; it is also a leading cause of broken marriages, rebellious children, criminal acts, and is one of the biggest barriers keeping us from experiencing the presence of God and the fulfillment of His call in our lives.

Until we bring our focus back to God (and away from our circumstances), until we prioritize our time and protect our values, and until we make sufficient time to rest and be refilled in the presence of God, we will continue to be overcome by this epidemic.  But fear not, the way out is easy… risky, perhaps, but easy.

God is asking you to let go of your stress, to let go of your worry and doubt and unforgiveness, to stop striving so hard to control life and to let Him take over.  He is asking you to refocus your time, your thoughts, and your trust on Him.  He is asking you to cut out the distractions, invest your time wisely, and rest in His presence.

And in response?  God promises that when you do these things, He will respond.  He promises His peace, His joy, and His abundant life.  He promises to take care of everything you need.  For those willing to take the leap of faith and trust in this promise, there is new life that is waiting to be discovered, and you and your family, your job, your community, your church, and everyone else around you will never be the same.

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